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Industrial lines for the production of vaccines for human and veterinary use

The automation process in the in the production of viral vaccines has become necessary to cope with the production needs of the pharmaceutical industries. TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. has invested on the project and on the study of the system patenting  particular and innovative instruments to avoid the problems which occur in the manual processing of the vaccines. The result of such effort is a complete line of machinery for inoculating, harvesting or for both operations together.

Inoculating lines

The inoculating line developed by TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. cancels or sensibly reduces those problems due to manual operations. The advantages observed employing this instrumentation are in the reduction of the production costs:

  • Higher  throughput

  • Less labour

  • Reduction of the sterile zones maintenance cost

  • Reduction in mortality of eggs

  • Reduction of the inoculated dose of virus

  • Reduction of the clearing operations

Other advantages concern the quality product  improvement:

  • Introduction of a sterile inoculating process

  • Possibility to introduce a disinfecting station both for needles and egg shells

Harvesting lines

The study, the development and the project of the harvesting line has led to the following results:

  • Maximisation of the productivity and quality of the product

  • The obtainment of a clean and uniform cut independently from the shape of the eggs, using the automatic decapitating station.

  • Maximization of the allantoids liquid using particular sucking heads

  • Improvement of the harvesting cleaning thanks to the egg shell sucking station

  • Minimization of the contamination tank to the egg shell disinfecting station

  • Minimization of the production waste volume using the grinding system

Inoculating-harvesting lines

The knowledge of the market has led TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. to realize lines which can be configured as inoculating or harvesting lines according to the vaccine production needs.  The flexibility of these lines guarantees a considerable decrease of the necessary investments for an automated process, around 40%, it also permits a reduction of the operative area affecting on the maintenance costs of a sterile area.
A particular care in the project has enabled to minimize the necessary time and operations necessary to the configuration of the line as inoculating or harvesting line. The required time for the configuration of the line is of few minutes.
Finally, no complications have been introduced regarding the cleaning maintenance compared to the inoculating or harvesting lines.

Needles disinfection system

Harvesting heads

Decapitation Station



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