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Harvesting industrial lines to process from 2000 up to 42000 eggs/hour

, in its intense and dynamic activity, has always given priority to the study and design of new instrumentations for the pharmaceutical industry. TEKNOLABO A.S.S.I. produces a wide range of vaccine lines useful both for human and veterinary use. One of the key points during the development of these lines has been the project of lines able to execute an extremely clean  harvesting operation; this is demonstrated by the sharpness of the allantoids liquid harvested by our lines.  Despite each line differs from the other and even if each line is realized according to the customers’ specifications, it is possible to summarize the available configurations as follows:


Small dimensions machines, completely automatic with the possibility to customize the harvesting system according the to customer’s needs.


Medium-sized Industrial lines, completely automatic  . According to the requirements of the customer the machine can offer different configurations of the harvesting system.


Large dimensions industrial lines with different possible configurations of the harvesting system in order to satisfy the requirements of the customer in its complete automatism.   TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. projects the line and the layout of the machine according to the needs and specifications of the customer.

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Subsidiary Units

The harvesting lines are designed and studied with configurations able to satisfy the most particular needs of the customer and can be equipped with the following devices:

  • Egg-shell disinfecting station

  • Decapitating station

  • Egg-shell sucking station

  • Harvesting heads rinsing system

  • Egg trays emptying station and processed  eggs grinding

  • Inlet and outlet SAS

  • Inlet and outlet belt

  • Laminar flow module (in class II on request)

  • Harvested Allantoic fluid tank

  • Allantoic fluid inspection tank


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