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Cooling room

The eggs' cooling rooms developed by TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. are based on modular design and specially studied according to the requirements in force for the pharmaceutical's applications (GMP). We can provide different models with capacity starting from 5.472 eggs up to 224.352.
The cooling room are made with prefabricated metal sheet modular panels, outside inside plasticised (internally/externally stainless steel AISI304/AISI316 on request). Internal and external surfaces are smooth with rounded internal edges (Polyurethane insulation density 40Kg/Mc). The partition is constructed using integrate vertical and horizontal joints. Joints between panels sealed with silicone. Panel thickness is 80mm.
Refrigerating plant for the conservation of embryoned fresh eggs working at a temperature of +5° C, and relative umidity of 85%. The plant has been studied for a daily incoming of eggs at temperature of + 37° C. The cooling time (up to 5° C) is 12 - 18 hours. The condensing unit uses for refrigerant R404A.

Eggs cooling rooms according to GMP guidelines

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