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Inoculating industrial lines to process from 3000 up to 50000 eggs/hour

TEKNOLABO A.S.S.I., in its intense and dynamic activity, has always given priority to the study and design of new instrumentations for the pharmaceutical industry. TEKNOLABO A.S.S.I. produces a wide range of vaccine lines useful both for human and veterinary use. Starting from the first line produced by TEKNOLABO, installed in 1972 it has been a continue succession of technological innovations which led TEKNOLABO’s products to be present in worldwide known pharmaceutical vaccine industries . Even if each line is different from the other and even if each line is built according to the customer specific needs, it is possible to synthesize hear following the available configurations:


Small dimensions machines, fully automatic, with different possible configurations of the inoculating system according to the specific needs of the customer.


Automatic medium-sized  lines which can be adapted to different inoculating system configurations according to the needs of the customer


Fully automatic lines of big dimensions with different possible configurations of the inoculating system. TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. projects the line and the layout of the machine according to the requirements of the customer.

Subsidiary Units

The Basic inoculating lines, Smart and industrial  are projected and studied with configurations designed to satisfy the most particular needs of the customer and ca be equipped with optional devices:

  • Needle disinfection system (TKA patent)

  • Egg- shell disinfecting station

  • Laminar flow module (in class II on request)

  • Inlet and Outlet belt

  • Inlet and outlet SAS system


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