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The eggs' incubation units developed by TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. are based on modular design and specially studied according to the requirements in force for the pharmaceutical's applications (GMP). We can provide different models with setter capacity starting from 5.472 eggs up to 224.352. These setters are very compact hence easy to adapt to the customer's available spaces.
Essentially we may provide for two different types of incubators, using basically the same technology, but adapt to be used for the different stages of the eggs' incubation.
The typology of the pannels used is depending on the need to work or not in a strictly classified area.
Our standard basic incubators are using smooth fiber glass sandwich panels with tickness of 45mm. In case of installation inside classified environments, specific pannels studied for the manufacturing of white rooms are used.  
We can provide for egg trays as well as  for their holding trolleys, designed for our trays or for the trays normally  used by the customer, with multiple decks. The decks can be fixed and planar or rotating. The trolleys are provided complete of 4 wheels of convenient size for easily handling.
The structure of the trolleys can be manufactured by using galvanized steel or AISI304/AISI316L stainless steel.  

Classified area incubators

Eggs trays' trolley


Ventilation system

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