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Vaccine lines production from 1970 to present

In 1970 TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I  has been involved in an innovative project regarding the automation of the production process of vaccines. After two years of study, designing, testing, the first semi-automatic egg inoculating line has been realized. The eggs were loaded one at a time, manually inside the machine once the egg shells were preventively disinfected. The machine was equipped with one needle only which was  able to execute both the punching of the egg shell and the egg membrane inside the egg and the inoculation of the infecting agent. In a short time the first allantoic liquid harvesting machine was designed, able to process three eggs at a time preventively decapitated.
The evolution of the project and the study done by TKA led to the realization, in 1978 of the first inoculating line able to automatically process  a 36 egg tray, executing the inoculating operation in three steps  on 12 eggs at a time. In this way it was no longer necessary the manual loading of the eggs on the line, minimizing the production times and the process costs. In the same time TKA designed the first harvesting line, able to process a 36 egg tray. The optimization of the inoculating process led to the realization of an innovative mechanism of inoculating characterized by a needle which contained both the egg shell punching needle and the inoculating needle: this mechanism made possible an automatic and programmable  disinfecting system of the needles.  Thanks to the reduction of the diameter of the punching needle it was no longer necessary to seal the inoculated eggs, decreasing the possibility of contamination of the eggs and their mortality and improving the inoculating process quality.
Starting from 1988 the lines were manufactured entirely in stainless steel, and were also designed the first configurable lines according to the production needs as inoculating or harvesting lines.

From 1988 at present TKA has continued the study and the optimization of the lines designing and patenting subsidiary systems which have improved the quality of the inoculating and harvesting process and simplified the maintenance and cleaning operations.

Harvesting machine

Inoculating machine

First authomated inoculating industrial line

First authomated harvestingindustrial line

Configurable Inoculating/harvesting industrial line

Up to date Lines


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