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Subsidiary Units

Ceiling laminar flow with vertical sliding windows

Protecting system, Class II on request, for the working area and the external environment. The ceiling laminar flow covers the inoculating or the harvesting area with variable geometry .

Egg shell disinfecting station

The inlet  egg shell disinfecting station can be installed both on the inoculating and the harvesting line on the basis of the specific requests of the customer.   This station consists of a variable number of  nozzles according to the trays used and is able to nebulise a disinfecting liquid on the top of the eggs during the working process .

Inoculating needle disinfecting system

This system ,   TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I s.r.l.  patented, is used for an accurate and complete disinfection of the inoculating needles. This operation avoids the cross contamination between eggs. The system has been designed and patented by   TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. s.r.l.

Automatic Loading and unloading belt

Each inoculating and harvesting line can be equipped with an extra loading or unloading belt  in order to optimize the throughput of the line.

Inlet and outlet  SAS System

This system has been designed for human use vaccine lines which require high sterile conditions inside the production area .

Automatic emptying trays and processed eggs grinding

This system has been developed to improve the automation of the line, in order to remove the eggs automatically from the trays. Once the tray has been emptied, the eggs fall into a grinding system which compacts the volume.

Egg-shell sucking system

The decapitating system can be equipped with an optional device able to suck the decapitated egg shells’ top. The system collects the egg shells in an appropriate disposable container. The system has been designed for an easy and safe removal of the disposable container and preserves the cleanliness of the  line and the possible contamination risks of the operator.

Harvesting heads rinsing system

The harvesting lines can be equipped with a rinsing system for the harvesting heads. This unit  provides the use of a particular vessel which assures a perfect clearing operation. The unit has been designed to optimize the cleaning time of the line.

Allantoic fluid harvesting and inspection tanks

TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. produces, on customers request, holding tanks for the allantoic fluid. The customer can require an intermediate tank for the harvested liquid.

Automatic egg candling system

This system has been designed to reduce the possibility of contamination of the allantoic fluid. TKA has developed an automatic egg candling  system able to automatically reject or mark (according to the chosen model) the bad eggs which must be scrapped .

Laminar flow ceiling

Eggs shells disinfection station

Inoculation and needles disifection station

Output belt


Output SAS system

Automatic emptying trays and processed eggs grinding

Eggs shells aspiration system

Harvesting probes washing system


Authomated Candling systems


Allantoic fluid tank


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