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Patented automatic system for wasted eggs drying

The drying systems equipments installed by TKA Teknolabo A.S.S.I. have been studied to rationally and economically overcome problems coming from our vaccine lines solid organic by-products such as wasted eggs used for vaccines production.
Throught the drying systems “NEW ROLLEX/2C” series the user has the possibility to recycle a polluting waste product in a very well dried material with high protein value. Such a product is of large utilization in the agricultural / zoo-technical sector, as food integrator or as nitrogen fertilizer. With this solution it is possible to save all the costs related to the the eggs waste and furthermore gain money by recycled waste.
The basis of the study that led to the development of the dryer is the recover of the energy spent for fumes thermal treatment and, secondarily, to obviate the degradation of the treated product making it recyclabe.
The fumes final thermal trament consist in fumes oxidation made at 800°C in order to make the exhausted air bad smell free.

Processed material

Processed eggs residuals dryers

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