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Laminar Flow Modules

Ceiling modular system constituted by modules of different dimensions in Class 100. The module can be fixed to the ceiling or to an appropriate support (optional) above a production line or above a working area which requires a laminar flow protection.
The dimensions of the modules and their geometry can vary on the basis of the customer needs and specifications.

Operation principle

The air is sucked through high efficiency  lateral filters and properly re-destributed in order to optimize the pressure and guarantee that the outgoing flow is laminar and in class 100 thanks to the use of the Hepa filter.


The structure of the module and the covering panels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel or, on request, in  AISI 316 with SB finishing.
The module is  used with  a motorized centrifugal fan with double intake. The Hepa absolute filter is tested and guaranteed and is provided of an antistatic tissue for a perfect laminar flow with efficiency 99.9997% for particles with diameter from 0,3 µm (D.O.P. test) or, on request, with 99.9995% for 12 µm particles.
On the base of the configuration the module can accommodate up to 6 pre-filters. The air flow speed can be maintained constant at 45m/sec through an electronic regulator or, on request, a micro processed automatic regulator to compensate the progressive obstruction of the filters.


Pre-filters, stainless steel closing panels, UV or fluorescent lamp, floor-standing support with or without wheels, lamellar curtain in PVC able to maintain the  clean conditions and the laminar flow.

Laminar flow modul for the protection of the working area

Laminar flow Module for the protection of the production line working area

Laminar flow Module

Laminar flow Modules system

Laminar flow modules

Laminar flow Module with standing support

Laminar flow modul for the protection of the working area


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