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791300T, 791301D and 791301S technical specifications


Mini Petri

Maxi Petri 791301D

Maxi Petri 791301S


Automated, each plate is unloaded from the stacker, opened, filled, closed and expelled


up to 450 plates/hour depending on the used plates

Up to 750 plates/hour depending on the used plates

Supported Petri dishes sizes

Standard 90 mm. Optional 50 - 150 mm, depending on the selected dispensing tunnel

Petri dishes loading capacity

Up to 20 Plates (90mm)

from 440 to 800 depending on dimensions

from 220 to 400 depending on dimensions

Petri dishes height

15 - 21 mm

Sterility conditions

Kept by UV lamp over the dispensing tunnel

Empty dishes loader

up to 20

From 240 up to 400 Petri dishes depending
on the used plates

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